The British band, known for its innovative fusion of pop and dance music, will lead the first edition of the festival.

The band prove, that even though they are already a undeniable reference in what International electronica refers, they still enjoy investigating and exploring new sounds that go from disco, R&B and ‘90s music.

Genre — Brit Pop (21:00—22:30)



Simon Green, aka Bonobo, is an artist very much at the peak of his powers. His 2013 album ‘The North Borders’, the best in his career so far, is a masterful collection, marrying Green’s inimitable melodic genius to cutting edge electronics, bass and drums.

Bonobo’s usually expands his range of synthesizers and instruments, taking his music to top levels.

Genre — Techno music (19:45—20:45)



Pablo Luque’s passion for music is old. Attracted by 1990s electronic music in his native Barcelona. Pablo explores new styles including house, minimal or imported techno, which helped him find a sound of his own. He is resident in Club4 since 2003.

Luca Fabiani is resident dj at Club4 and is considered one of the promise of the minimal/deep/techno scene he bases his musical style in the continous search of new music and on the evolution of sound thanks to technology.

Genre — Dark minimal techno (19:45—20:45)



Ellum is Maceo Plex’s label for deep dirty and beautiful music. Such a premise could translate to the classic “domestic bliss” record, the kind that’s usually softer, happier and more introspective than what came before it. And judging from its first single, Solar could very well be that.

Genre — Techno (19:45—20:45)